The tide had just begun. From the window of the house could see the storm loomed larger than ever seen and certainly was not the only one that had happened there. Since moving to this island was all different. The big city problems had disappeared, traffic jams, screaming, noise, and the monotony of a job that gave little to the imagination. But one day he met a beautiful woman. Leaving work when turning a corner and ran into her pile of papers that fell. Oops sorry, he said without realizing it was a woman. Squatting, picking up hundreds of boring pages of the cold ground, could not believe that this time his heart was. Yes, that’s because the heart also has eyes, and in that time, opened with full splendor. He put the leaves fall and stammering said … Ahem … sorry, was confused and the truth is, that he did not know where .. hummmm. His mind tried to sort the words over and over again, but it was not possible. That look, those eyes and that playful bangs on her forehead were his words and his movements were clumsy and slow, like a lazy question. Sorry, I’m sorry I tripped you, if you think I make up inviting you to a cafe, she said. Him, smiled, and calmer, nodded, they both came to the old corner coffee shop, the one that always smells of fresh coffee. They talked and talked until the coffee turned into dinner, and at the end of it she said, Tomorrow Karma delivery to the islands in the Pacific Ocean, I’m not alone … because I tell you this, but you like to come me? The herbal liqueur that was savoring choked while it seemed that a vine would have caught the throat. But for some strange reason would say yes. Say goodbye to all his work, his gray floor in the old … all, but something inside of him working as a steam locomotive, his heart, and intense desire to live. Without realizing it, was mounted on a Pan Am airliner bound for the island, next to a being that had changed completo.Al get there, they found a tropical wooden house, facing the sea, and only the sound of waves broke the peaceful silence of the sand. Suddenly … a dream … a nightmare … a storm … … that happened three weeks after arriving and where she disappeared. Now a much more intense was coming. In remembering the beautiful moments, the moments spent with her, cursing heaven for the punishment he received. Why? He wondered … the sea took her, and me alone, I hope every morning on the edge of the beach to see if the sea wants me back. The storm began. The rays falling down everywhere and flooding rain he had in his step. Mad with rage, began running around the arena, shouting the name of that angel one day ran into him in that corner. Exhausted, in pain, fell to his knees in the sand, sobbing and whispering your name, that fate had willed that did not. Suddenly, a giant wave rushed over him and engulfed into the seabed. Fighting for his life, he felt lips in his mouth, lips that reassured him on the path of no return from death. He opened his eyes, cloudy with salt, saw a face, an angel … a dream .. it.


Publicado por elbauldeguardian

Adventure, Passion and live!!..


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