MAGIC Shillong

In the crowded small square, a small statue of a dog crowned the top of that fountain where all washed and drank water. Iron was rusty .. and by time and weather.

Febbie Shillong was a girl who likes to go every day at sunset, just as the sun was about to hide and let the blanket of night fell upon the square, giving another color to the old stones.

He sat on the edge of the fountain and started playing with a container that someone had abandoned or forgotten over the cloudy water in the amount of people who had been there.

Febbie felt relaxed atmosphere filled with water and leaving him slowly pour over the source. Every time I looked up, saw that dog rusty iron observations, their eyes were sad, as if to say .. save me.

Refill the bowl of water and rising to the top started to give drink. Febbie smiled. That dog statue never get wet his nose in the water, always surrounded by it, unable to drink it.

It was getting late and had to go home. He got his shoes wet and giving the dog a kiss of iron left foot without losing sight of his friend.

He was asleep when he heard a sound at his window. He got up and looked out the window he saw a dog that was happy under it. Febbie jumped out the window and hugged his new friend .. it was wet and cold, and looked suspiciously like the dog statue fountain.

A Febbie not care that he was wet, was her puppy, and now had a friend forever.

She took him in and dried it, gave it to eat and drink and lay down beside her. He slept deeply.

Upon waking in the morning, the dog was not there .. would have been a dream? Quickly running out badly dressed to the plaza .. .. and there was the source, cramming people .. but it was the statue of the dog. I could not believe it.

Vovió home, head down, wondering what was reality and fantasy. Aal enter the room there was his dog, smiling .. the magic was in Shillong.

About elbauldeguardian

Adventure, Passion and live!!..

3 responses to “MAGIC Shillong”

  1. febbie says :

    This is such a beautiful story about the human touch. Love is in abundance – share it. Love nature, love your environtment – take care of them. Be kind to all animals and always keep them close to your heart. A pet dog is your dearest friend. Everyone may betray you and leave you behind in an empty world but not your loving pet dog.

    Me gusta


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