1957: The Harley Sportster XL Series

Hello friends of the trunk, on this occasion we will try one of the most unbridled passions motorcycles, harley sportster’s famous version in 1957.
We have discussed on several occasions to discuss their post motor evolution of the customization of how hard and tough they are, their unique sound ..
And the Harley Sportsters is achievable dream .. and often becomes reality. Here a piece of history to know their world .. the world .. the bike more immortal.

In 1957 Harley Davidson introduced the XL Series Harley “Sportster” motorcycle which looked very similar to the Model K Series except that the 54 cubic inches (883cc) side-valve V-twin engine with its aluminium heads and cylinders was replaced by the 54 cubic inches (883cc) overhead valve (OHV) engine which featured iron heads and cylinders. Otherwise, the 1957 Sportster XL had the same basic frame, engine case, right foot shift, right side drive chain, telescopic front fork, rear suspension and brake drums as the 1956 Model K. In 1958 Harley introduced the Sportster XLCH. Many sources say the “CH” stands for “Competition Hot” while others say the H stands for “High pressure”. In any case, the XLCH is a stripped-down lighter and faster version of the XL, with a staggered dual exhaust and peanut gas tank. The Sportster XLH was the heavier touring version of the Sportster XLCH.

Well folks! I hope you enjoyed this brief historical overview of the mechanical and great bike.

photo strokers.

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Adventure, Passion and live!!..


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