A Jeep in barley ..

Every time summer comes around always comes to mind several things, and I’m sure most of you are thinking about vacations, the beach .. warmth .. yes, and that would be more normal, but in my case, besides of these things that everyone wants, also activates other that I lived as a child, and fond memories as an unforgettable experience. I would not have more than 12 years. My father owned several land of barley and took me with him to help in the harvest. I had a small mark IASA combine with that collected the grain. It was so small he had to spend many times the land to finish it .. and that was not the worst, it was common for a graceful stone tuck into the comb and broke a string of vital importance to mow. The result was the most fun, more than two hours in the sun, eaten by bugs in the world all happy repairing the chain. Once repaired to pray that does not break again .. .. as a note to tell you that the prayers of little use, or the stones were more able to cry out to heaven.

Even with all say the heat, mosquitoes, stones and itching powder recently imported barley, each year that would help .. it was an adventure experience. Today, although it continues to reap the machines are more powerful, secure and hard to believe .. but with climate and other stories .;-). I had the opportunity to go now .. but with my new Jeep Patriot. It is gratifying to go through the land-wheel drive 4 × 4 between the dry straw, being next to these behemoths that are harvesters now, and enjoy a unique landscape between green and yellow, under the eternal blazing sun.

I recommend you get close to see how is the harvest if you do not know .. yes .. dust yourself away from the barley, because I remember what is the wildest itch.

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Adventure, Passion and live!!..


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